About Us

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The technical company CRETA KAT has been working for 20 years with the design and construction of private and public as well as with the interior and exterior decoration. It has implemented:
- Detached houses
- Block of flats
- Hotels
- Schools
- Public buildings
- Static building
- Building isolation
- Squares repairs
- Street lighting
- Road works (cementing, asphalting)
- OTE projects (microfabrics, fiber optic passage, etc.)
- Environmental projects (route planning, stream cleansing, tree pruning, etc.)
- Swimming pools
- Traffic connections (nodes)

This is what we do

House Plans
We provide professionally designed home plans by accredited home designers.
It is our committment to provide our customers exceptional projects of the highest quality.
Finishing Works
Our consultants provide expert proactive support for construction projects and claims.
Interior Design
Are you thinking of updating a room or undertaking a bigger design project? Our team would love to help you.